UBO FULL 480 / 120 m3

Complete filtration system for swimming pools without chlorine – up to 120 m3

the “U-B-O” system fully assembled and easy to install,: “ready to install”.



Stainless steel frame
Filtration system and complete bacteriological treatment: UBO FULL 480

  • Single speed circulation pump.
  • Stainless steel filters with filter media.
  • Manual backwash valve.
  • Ultra-Bio-Ozone® bacteriological treatment (Patent EP 2785648 *)
    • Powerful Ozonator
    • Contact chamber.
    • Powerful UV Sterilizer.
  • The kit of air suppressors.
  • Pump for the injection of ozone.
  • PH regulator with a peristaltic injection pump
  • Complete waterproof double door electrical box (s) including
  • Full automatic management of the bacteriological water treatment controlled by PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER): pump, UV, Ozonator, air suppressor, filtration etc.
  • Hourly management of the filtration pump.
  • Human protection (30mA).
  • Phase protection.
  • Over/undervoltage protection (note: this is not a surge arrester).
  • Circuit breakers for all important electrical elements.
  • Size of the system: 103 cm x 120.5 cm x 104 cm
  • Weight: 280 kg.
  • With AFM® 100 kg + 123.5 kg = 223.5 kg


  • Controls through your Android or IOS device
  • PH regulator with a peristaltic injection pump and probe
  • PH and ORP regulator with two peristaltic injection pumps and two probes (for public establishments, when legislation requires the use of these products)
  • Multi-speed pump
  • Automatic backwash valve
  • Over/under voltage protection

Additional information

Weight 280000 g