Terms and conditions

Conditions of sale:

We make our customers aware that customs, taxes and VAT are not included in the prices. Import taxes and VAT can be claimed upon delivery by the country of destination of the goods.
The prices displayed on the website are in euros excluding VAT, excluding customs fees.
For deliveries in Switzerland the Swiss VAT is not included.
The pictures of the products on our websites are illustrative only and can not commit us contractually.
We reserve the right to refuse any order at any time regardless of the reason.

All our equipments are manufactured according to the essential electrical and sanitary standards and requirements of safety.
For equipment intended for human consumption “drinking water” we use sanitary materials compliant for this use.
Our equipment is sold on several continents, which means that our buyers (importer) understand and accept that not all regulations in their country are known to us.

When importing in certain countries, specific regulations may be applied (certification by a local entity, request for documents or approvals, declaration of conformity, etc.). The importer (buyer) is responsible for providing authorities the requested documents.
In case of specific regulations, before confirming the order, the buyer must inform us so that we can check if we have the requested documents, if we do not have the requested documents, the order will be refused.

If the order is validated without the buyer informing us of specific request (s) or if the equipment changes destination, for example equipment sold to treat water for sanitary use is finally declared as drinking water treatment equipment, the buyer (importer) will be solely responsible for any additional documents to be provided during import and use.

In the event of a request not foreseen by the authorities, we will do all that is possible to provide the document (s) we have and to help to a reasonable extent the importer (buyer) to settle this request. If the documents available to us are not sufficient, obtaining additional document (s) or certification (s) is the responsibility of the importer (buyer) including the costs that this entails.
In case of refusal of import or use by the authorities, the equipment will not be returned or refunded.

Your order is confirmed by an e-mail with the model (s) details and prices of your products as well as the address and delivery times.
Upon receipt of payment your order will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Warranty conditions:


The warranty does not cover damage to the device related to transportation that is not our responsibility.
A damage / loss guarantee can be requested for the transport by the customer, so that the guarantee works but the parcel must be checked during the delivery.
Any damage must be immediately reported in writing on the delivery note, in case of damage the warranty claim must be made by the customer to the delivery service of his country (Transport Service)


These products are guaranteed from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect for a period of 2 years or 8760 hours.

Limited warranty:

Lamps, ballasts, redox and pH probes, injection pipes, heaters and resistors are parts subject to wear: their warranty is 6 months.
Circulation pumps, metering pumps (peristaltic), as well as the elements used for metering, circulation and injection of ozone are parts subject to wear: their warranty is 12 month
The warranty is valid only for any defect found if it is due to a defect in materials, design or assembly.
No warranty is provided for consumables.
No technician is sent to the customer’s site, neither for installation nor for interventions under warranty, unless agreed by both parties.
In case of warranty claim, the device must be returned to us properly packed.
The cost of return of our devices for warranty or other reasons are the responsibility of the customer, the return after repair is at our expense except in case of refusal to receive the goods by the customer upon delivery.
In case of breakage, the lamp and the quartz glass are not covered by the warranty.
Warranty claims are only processed if the product is returned to us with proper postage and a valid purchase document.
The services provided under the warranty do not result in a new warranty period or extension of the original warranty period, the warranty expires at the end of the warranty period of the entire device.
We expressly reject any warranty claim resulting from improper installation or incorrect ordering.

For all our treatment systems and our baths we use 304 stainless steel which is the most used stainless steel in the world.
For example, chlorinated water in normal pool dosages is not a problem for 304 stainless steel.
We will refuse a warranty claim for damages related to chemical and electrochemical reactions, abnormal environmental conditions, or when the object has come into direct contact with unsuitable substances.
We pay attention to our customers, that in a very oxidizing environment, especially the fumes of chlorine, ph (open can, ventilation of the room not efficient enough, product to spill directly on the stainless steel), can lead to a formation of rust, because chlorinated products and ph are solutions that degrade strongly and quickly 304 stainless steel.
In this case, it is not the quality of the stainless steel that is involved.
Nevertheless, even if it is very unsightly, this surface rust can be removed without any problem, by simple cleaning and polishing the stainless steel.

Problems resulting from poor maintenance are not covered by the warranty.
Warranty repairs can only be performed by our company.


UV lamps:
The lamp should be replaced after 8,000 to 10,000 hours of use, depending on the type. With UV-C lamps, ozone production decreases after 5,000 hours of use.
Quartz tubes:
They have to be cleaned regularly depends on the quality of the incoming water, periodic cleaning can vary from 3-6 months.
Gasket replacement every year.
Peristaltic pumps:
The Santoprene membrane tubes must be changed once a year.
The pump tube is the element to be protected during wintering of the installation.
It is recommended to pump clean water to rinse the tube in order to prevent premature deterioration of the tube.
Activate the dosing pump using the display.
We can’t be held responsible for damage caused by poor maintenance or incorrect use of the device.
Probe PH and ORP:
To be cleaned and calibrated every 6 months.
In case of wintering, remove the probes from the system, immerse the end in a KCl solution and place in a place with the temperature above 0 ° C

Payment condition:

Bank transfer.

Attention, for the transfer the amount that arrives on our account must be strictly identical to the sum of the pro-forma invoice to the nearest cent.

It is therefore appropriate for the client to put all the costs at his expense (costs of the payer and costs of the beneficiary).

If the amount is less than the amount of the proforma invoice, the order may be put on hold until regularization.

Delivery requirement:

The delivery time begins once the payment arrived on our account, this time is given to you as an indication and does not include weekends and holidays.

The delay of delivery cannot justify a cancellation or a request for damages.

In case of dispute the jurisdiction is assigned to the courts of the canton of Neuchâtel Switzerland.

The order will be shipped from our factory, subsidiary of our company AVI Swiss Group SA:
Swiss Thai Water Solution Co., Ltd.
111 Moo.6 Tambon Khunkong, Amphoe Hangdong,
50230 Chiangmai, Thailand
Tel: +66-53-106986

AVI Swiss Group S.A company incorporated under Swiss law.