UBO 160M / 30 m3

 1,990.00 HT

For spa and swimming pools up to 30m3.


Wall mounted
Chemical-free water treatment at a very economical price, while retaining the benefits of Ultra-Bio-Ozone® systems

  • For pool / spa up to 30m3
  • For filtration pump flow rate 7-10m3 / h
  • Weight 23 kg
  • 304L stainless steel
  • 1 UV-C lamp 105W
  • 1 Ozone lamp 80W
  • Contact chamber – no
  • Injection pump for the flocculant / coagulant (or other) – yes
  • Ozone production – 1-2 g/h
  • Inlet / outlet diameter 1.5 inch (DN40)
  • Height 104cm x Length 50cm x Width 34cm



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