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Water Essential: Home-ACS III

French Sanitary Conformity Certificate

Production: 3,000 litres per hour

Production: 72,000 litres per day

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Water treatment system. : Water Essential


  • An active media filter tank.
  • 40.64 x 165.1 cm (16″ x 65″) fibreglass tank, complete with manual backwash valve.
  • A 55 watt UV sterilizer, 220 V ca 50/60 Hz.
  • UF filters supplemented by the automatic rinsing valve.
  • Two 4.5″ x 20″ (11.43 x 50.8 cm) activated charcoal filters
  • A water flow meter.
  • A gauge.

Additional functionality : multi-spectrum coagulant and flocculant to remove iron, manganese and clear cloudy water. PRICE: 260 Euro Optional automatic backwash feature available. (Includes a dose pump, an injector, a PLC for injection control and an injection hose. The set is assembled in the waterproof control case and installed in the system.) High efficiency water filtration system, New system designed for water treatment. Integration of PRE-FILTRATION + ULTRAFILTRATION + UV + activated carbon water treatment techniques in a single system.

  • UF filter with a flushing valve It is 40 times more efficient than a sand filter, it can filter heavy metals such as iron, manganese, chromium, phosphate, etc…
  • Incorporates a UV sterilization system to effectively kill bacteria and viruses.
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) can filter down to 0.01 micron using a membrane to separate foreign matter. Which can filter out bacteria, viruses, particles. Ultrafiltration (UF) filtering is popular in industrial applications.
  • Activated carbon absorbs chemicals, odors, residual chlorine, including heavy metals such as lead, copper, insecticides, detergents and high carbon products.

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Weight 310000 g
Dimensions 900 × 860 × 1900 mm